Dairy And Farm Supplies, Lab Equipment And Animal Reproduction

Anicam Vet & Lab

Dairy And Farm Supplies, Lab Equipment And Animal Reproduction

Dairy and farm supplies, Lab equipment and Animal Reproduction

Who is Anicam Vet & Lab?

ANICAM ENTERPRISES INC. is consolidated in the line of veterinary and laboratory equipment handling the representation of factories that produce laboratory equipment, animal breeding and supplies to farms, conducting market research in the various countries and structuring distribution networks in Latin America, by holding commercial representation agreements with leading brands worldwide.

We offer advanced tools and affordable rates to optimize time and costs. We know that logistics operations are the main factor of growth and development of our customers.

As a Anicam Cargo Inc’s client, based on the TSA requerements, i consent to a search or inspection of my cargo in the United Estates.

We specialize in:





Small Animals




Farm Suppliers

Laboratory Equipment

Animal Reproduction

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